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Automated Messages

Automated Messages are messages that are sent out to your customers based on certain triggers. All Automated Messages are created in your Blueprint Dashboard:


Automated Messages video

Begin by heading to the Automated Messages tab in your Blueprint dashboard. 

There are 4 triggers that Automated Messages are set to:
1.) Order confirmation (1st Order) πŸ“¦ 
2.) Order confirmation (all subsequent orders) πŸ“¦
3.) Order Fulfillment (Sent when an order is fulfilled) 🚚 
4.) Post-order check-in (custom time-frame) ✍️
5.) Re-order prompt (custom time-frame) πŸ”Š 
All Automated Messages can be customized to your tone of voice and timeframe. For example: 
Every Automated Message will also display a consumer POV preview on the right-hand side: 

How to set the timeframe for reorder-prompt
Use your Customer Analytics to define the Average Reorder Gap between your customers orders. This is a historic aggregate value for all customers: 

Once this figure is known, choose the most applicable time frame in the reorder prompt and set a custom timeframe if necessary.

Custom Tags that can be used on your Automated Messages:

1.) Customers first name:


2.) Customers order number: 


3.) Brands Name (the name displayed on the Blueprint Dashboard). 


4.) Tracking Number (Only for Dispatch Notifications). 


5.) Tracking Company (Only for Dispatch Notifications). 


6.) Reorder link (displaying a customer's previous order to confirm in 1-click)



If you have any other questions, email us directly at support@blueprint.store