Setup Your Blueprint in 3 Simple Steps!

The Blueprint app is very quick and easy to setup and can be done in minutes. Follow these 3 simple steps to start sending messages.

Step 1 - Automations

  • Navigate to the Automations section in your dashboard.
  • Automations are the automatic messages that are sent when a customer performs a certain action such as making an order, texting your brand number or abandoning a cart at checkout. 
  • We have already created some templates for you, complete with wording and scheduled timings for when the messages will send. To start sending messages immediately without any modification, simply toggle on the desired messages to 'Live'.

  • We highly recommend however that these message templates should be used as a base from which customise further according to both your business needs and brand tone of voice. To update the details of the templates, select 'Edit' to open up a further page.

  • Here's more information on what each section means, how to edit, when to send and how to create specific message flows. As a minimum, we'd recommend setting up:

Welcome Flow

Abandoned Carts

Order Confirmation (1st order only)

Post Order Check-in

Step 2 - Settings

Navigate to the Settings section in your dashboard. There are a few settings you should consider switching on and editing:

  • Smart Sending - This limits the amount of marketing messages a customer can receive within a given time period. This will prevent the customer feeling like they're being spammed.
  • Quiet Hours - Select the timezone and then the hours of the day whereby no marketing messages will be sent. This will prevent the customers from being woken up in the middle of the night!
  • Out of Hours - Like an Out of Office, let the customer know when you'll get back to them with an automated response.
  • Support Email Address - Be notified via email every time a customer reply comes into Blueprint. Please note: If using the Gorgias/Zendesk integrations, leave this section blank.

Step 3 - Integrations

Navigate to the Integrations Hub in your dashboard to connect your other softwares. For more information, please see our Integrations page - Please note: that some integrations are restricted to different plans and so may not be visible in your dashboard. 


After completing the steps above, you will be ready to start messaging your customers!