Use Blueprint Smartlinks to create pre-populated SMS messages on a customers mobile device

To help boost your subscriber base you have the ability to create URL smartlinks that will create pre-populated SMS messages on a customer's mobile device. When a smartlink is followed it will pre-populate a chosen Keyword or Phrase into the customer's mobile device such as 'Hey I want to join the VIP group'. By clicking 'send', the customer will then be added to your subscriber list and they will receive a designated auto-response linked to that keyword or phrase. The best thing about a customer texting your brand number is that it means that customer is now fully compliant. By proactively texting you, they are giving you explicit consent to text them - they're literally opting in. To use this feature please email us at


The phrase: 'Join our secret society' was created along with a corresponding auto-generated reply, smartlink and non mobile redirect -

When this link was opened (via an email on a mobile device), it immediately pre-populated the phrase into the text field of the device. After clicking send, the auto-generated reply will then be sent back and the customer will be opted in to your subscriber list! If the smartlink is clicked on a desktop, the customer will be redirected to an alternative URL (if reading this on a desktop or laptop, try clicking the link above!)




  • To setup Keywords or phrases and their associated replies, please read this article.

  • You can have multiple smartlinks associated with different keywords or phrases which in turn, have corresponding message replies. 
  • Smartlinks can be added anywhere it's possible to add a URL link. These can be in popups, banners, footers, email campaigns, social media etc. 
  • You can programme a smartlink opened on a non mobile device (such as a desktop) to be redirected to an alternative URL of your choice e.g a specific product page on your website.
  • Please note: If the customer edits the text of the pre-populated message, the correct response will not be triggered.

  • If messaging your brand number for the very first time, a customer will receive a separate opt-in message which will detail how the customer can opt out by texting the word "stop". If the customer then replies with "stop" they will automatically be opted out of future communication. See here for further info.