Social Media Profiles

Much like adding your number as part of your Contact page, social media profiles should be treated in the same way. Your audience is viewing your profile everyday, and is a great opportunity to offer an easy way to chat 1:1 with your brand and build your SMS subscribers at the same time.

You can add your number directly into your bio on Twitter, or embed a button with Instagram. 

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Add a Text Button on Instagram

To give customers the option to text you through your Instagram:

  • Go to your Instagram business account
  • Choose edit profile
  • Select Business information > Contact options
  • Select the current phone number you have added here.
  • At the top of the page you can edit the existing phone number - Add your Blueprint number which can be found on the dashboard.
  • Under where it asks - “How would you like to be reached?” select the option to ‘Text’.
  • Navigate back to the pervious page and select ‘Save’

If it's the first message a customer sends to your brand, the customer would automatically receive an opt-in message as an automated response in concurrence with GDPR/TCPA regulations.