Subscription Activation check-in

Similar to the Post Order Check-in, the 'Subscription Activation check-in' message is a great place to get product feedback or even link to a review site. 

  • Note: This message will only be sent to those who have just started a subscription for the first time (not each time a subscription is renewed).
  • Edit the message to include your individual brand voice - How about a sentence on the founder’s story, product news, or even quirky brand fact. 
  • Set an appropriate time that will allow for enough time after delivery so as to gain useful insights into their product experience.
  • For an extra personal touch add a first name from someone from your business. E.g "Hey {first_name} it's Jonny here from {brand_name}". Our analysis shows engagement is higher if the customer thinks the message is coming directly from a member of your team!
  • Ask the customer a direct question on their experience of the product.
  • Add a call to action such as providing a URL link to a review website such as Trustpilot (make sure to add this link at the end of the message so it displays a preview of the site in the message).