Subscription - Churned Subscriber

The 'Churned Subscriber' message can be sent to any subscribers who have recently cancelled their subscription. The message can be triggered at any point after a cancellation has been made as an attempt to win back the churned customer and encourage them to resubscribe. 

How to setup

  1. Head to Automations and select 'Create New'

  2. Name the 'Automation Title' as Churned Subscriber or something similar and select the Triggering Event as 'Subscription - Churned Subscriber'

  3. Set the 'SMS Subscription Settings' to be 'Marketing - Requires explicit consent'.

  4. Leave the Once Per Contact/Triggering Event Filter/Exit Event toggled off (unless there are specific reasons for switching each individual option on).

  5. Set the time when the message is sent under 'Send first message after...' to x minutes/days depending on when you want the win back message to send after the customer has cancelled their subscription.

  6. If adding multiple messages in the flow, select 'Add Message' and under 'Then wait...' select the time period before the next message is sent.