Subscription - Updating Payment Information

Failed payment automation

The Failed Payment message is sent when a charge is unable to be processed for a subscription. This message is useful to alert the customer to update their card details otherwise their order will not be processed. You can find out how to set up a Failed Payment automation here.

The only way for your customers to update their payment details is via a ReCharge account. In order to make this as seamless as possible, you can include a link to the ReCharge account login page in your Failed Payment automation. 

ReCharge Login

ReCharge has a login page where customers can update their billing information. 

If you enable this, you will be given the link to a general login page for customers which you can then include in your Failed Payment automation. 

Just to note, we would also recommend keeping a line in the Failed Payment automation that lets customers know they can also reply to that message if they need to update their card details or have any questions about doing so. This will open up a line of communication where you can then direct the customer to reach out via an alternate method to provide their card details e.g. telephone, email or your online chat feature etc.

This way, your customer support team can manually update the payment details if needed e.g. if the customer would prefer it was done by you or is not able to use the portal for any other reason. This will ensure that the payment card details are updated and reduce order fails.

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