Smartrr Integration

The Blueprint > Smartrr integration enables customers to manage their subscriptions in conversation and thereby reduce the friction of needing to log into subscription accounts to make edits. The integration works by sending automated messages in the form of upcoming subscription reminders, confirmations and post subscription check-ins, all of which are useful for many reasons including:

  • Welcoming new subscribers
  • Alerting a customer when their subscription is almost due
  • Allowing customers to skip/delay in conversation
  • Resolving issues such as delivery queries and avoiding potential negative reviews

Setting Up

  1. Firstly, log in to your Smartrr account and heads over to integration. Select 'Add New Smartrr API Token'.

  2. Name the 'Token Nickname' and 'Application Name' (such as 'Blueprint') and select 'Read and Write' access for 'Subscription', 'Customer' and 'Webhook'. Click 'Create' (or 'Update' if amending existing details) and then copy the 'Access Token' code.

  3. Head to the Integrations Hub in your Blueprint dashboard and select the 'Smartrr' option.

  4. Paste the Access Token (API key) into 'Smartrr Access Token' integration within box. Hit the 'Test Connection' button and wait for the green tick. Then select 'Activate' to complete the integration.

Setting up Subscription Messages in Blueprint

To setup your Subscription messages, head to the Automations section in your dashboard and toggle live (or create) the relevant Subscription automations.

Please Note: By default, Smartrr will send the upcoming charge message 3 days before the next billing date. This cannot be changed.