The Blueprint Snapshot (Beta)

The Blueprint Snapshot is designed to allow a better understanding of the value and impact different messaging is having on your business and audience.



The status snapshot aims to show the amount of contacts with marketing opt-in status, transactional only contacts, those non SMS contacts and the subsequent value each of these contacts brings. The differentiated values shows the importance of these different subsets of customers.

The table compares the following audience sets:

  • Marketing opted-in. A contact who has explicitly opted in to receive marketing messaging (such as a customer who opts in to at the checkout).
  • Transactional. A contact that has not explicitly opted in for SMS marketing but who has an associated phone number.
  • No contact. A contact whereby no associated phone number is attached and so are unable to be messaged via SMS. 

In order to demonstrate how they are impacted by SMS over a rolling 90 day period, the table shows:

  • Average revenue per customer. This number is similar to an LTV metric (Life Time Value) and is the average spend of customers before they churn. 
  • Average orders per customer. This is the average number of orders in a customers life time.
  • Average re-order rateThis is figure is the average amount of customers re-order. 


These analytics show customer experience over a rolling 30 day period and % difference against the previous 30 days: 

  • Conversations. These are the number of unique 1:1 conversations with contacts (defined as an an agent reply to an inbound message).
  • Orders from support. These are the number of customers who have ordered from a support conversation.
  • Abandoned carts rescued. Number of customers that returned and completed an order from abandoned cart automation.
  • SMS engagement rate. The percentage of individuals that received a Blueprint message and replied.

Subscription Updates

These key set metrics over a rolling 30 day and % difference against the previous 30 days period highlighting:

  • Delays. The number of delay requests via conversation or through the portal.
  • Skips. The number of skip requests.
  • Product. Add-ons. The number of one-time products added to subscription order.
  • Churn. The Number of cancelled subscriptions.