The Customer Profile

The customer profile appears at the right hand side of every 1:1 conversation. Drawing from Shopify valuable information such as insights, order history, groups or notes are displayed. If replying to a customer regarding a support issue, important information that could inform the content of that conversation, is easily visible. Please note that if a customer has previously purchased through your store, Blueprint will use all historic Shopify data to retroactively show these previous purchases in the insights/orders.



These appear in top right hand corner of the profile and will display the Lifetime Spend of that customer, the concurrent amount of orders, the average order value (AOV) and the reorder frequency. 



These display any segments or lists the customer has been added to. To quickly add a customer to a list they may not already be involved in, select the 'Add to list' option and choose from any available lists that may show.


Customer Details

This will display the associated email address, the date of the last order, the last order product details and the delivery address of the last order.



Previous orders are shown in a list displaying both the Shopify order ID and the date of purchase.



Any notes that have been left on a customer can be added at towards the bottom of the customer profile. When writing a note, it will also record the date the note was written and the name of the user who left the left the note. This can be really useful in detailing issues with previous orders, delivery problems, feedback or 



You can unsubscribe a customer at any point by hitting the red unsubscribe button.