Triggering Event

There are several different 'triggers' that can be selected to start an automation. 



  • Checkout Abandoned - When a customer has filled in their payment information and reached the shipping page without purchasing. 
  • Incoming SMS - When somebody messages your brand number. This is only used in combination with the 'Trigger Event Filter' - Message Text > Equal to/contains.
  • Order placed - When an order is placed in Shopify.
  • Order Fulfilled - When an order is fulfilled in Shopify.
  • New SMS subscriber - When a somebody becomes a subscriber. This could be either by sending an inbound message (and therefore opting in) or signing up via a popup/embedded form.
  • Subscription: New Recurring Order - When a subscription payment has been charged.
  • Subscription: New Subscription - When a subscription is created in Recharge.
  • Subscription: Upcoming Order - An upcoming subscription charge is imminent.