Upcoming charge

This is the most important of the automated subscription messages as it alerts a customer to their upcoming subscription charge. By alerting the customer before they are charged and by giving them the opportunity to skip or change their order, they are less likely to cancel, extending their LTV in the process.

  • The wording should include the dynamic brackets {subscription_products} and {total_price} as well as {first_name} and {brand_name}.
  • Add your store currency before the {total_price} e.g ${total_price} or £{total_price}
  • Include the time period of when the subscription will renew based on what is setup in your Recharge settings. The current time period is usually set to 3 days.
  • Give the option for the customer to 'SKIP' their order. When a customer replies with SKIP (non case sensitive), their order will be automatically skipped to the next billing cycle.
  • If not wanting the customer to be able to skip automatically, remove the word 'skip' from the message and include another directive such as 'next' or 'change'. These keywords will not automatically skip their order but alert you in the messages tab that a customer has replied. Once a message is received you can open a dialogue with the customer and manually amend their subscription. 
  • If wanting to add products to their subscription or amend manually, include a link to the subscription account page where they can log in and amend their subscription. 
  • If there are multiple products within a subscription message, the message body will contain up to 3 separate products displayed. Anything above this number will contain a message that there are "x more products" in the order however they will not be displayed to prevent the message becoming excessively long.