Upload numbers into Blueprint

If you have collected GDPR compliant numbers outside of Blueprint (see our guide on enabling your checkout to collect GDPR and TCPA explicit customer opt-ins), we are able to upload these into your dashboard. 

Contacts that you can upload are likely to be lists that you have previously built up with other messaging solutions or directly through your eCommerce store. These contacts will then be available to send group message campaigns. 

Customers must have explicitly opted in to receive SMS marketing communication - if they have opted in to just 'marketing' or 'email marketing' only, then these numbers will not be compliant and we will not be able to do an upload.

How to Upload

To upload numbers, please contact your Account Manager or request an upload form at support@blueprint.store.


  • The phone numbers must be inputted in the correct format, including the international code, any spaces, brackets, hyphens or plus symbols removed. The '0' should also be removed on UK numbers.
  • The only two fields we upload are phone numbers (mandatory) and a corresponding email address (not mandatory). If there is no associated email address, just leave blank.
  • The upload doc needs to be in CSV format.


UK - 447582735742

US - 18555189432


UK - +447582 735742 or 07582735742

US - +18555189432 or (855) 518-9432