Upsell From a Single Purchase to a Subscription

Upsells can be used for more than upselling from one product to another; they can also be used to transition a customer from a single purchase to a subscription. 


How to Setup

  1. Head to and begin by giving your subscription upsell a name. Be descriptive in the naming so it can be easily found in a long list and is specific to the trigger being set (e.g Berry Protein to Subscription).
  2. Toggle a timeframe in the β€˜Send after’ section of when you want the subscription message to be triggered. This is the time period from when the product was last ordered - use custom timeframes to be more specific setting to the time period where you think customers will be most open to a follow up purchase.

  3. Set the 'Upsell trigger' to the product(s) that has to be purchased for this message to be sent. Please note if a product does not have a variant added in your store, it will show as n/a.

  4. Leave the 'Upsell products' section blank.

  5. Edit the β€˜Upsell message’ to your desired subscription message. As with all automated messages we suggest you customise with your brand tone of voice. Add in a hyperlink to the subscription page of your website at the very end of the message (this will then display in a separate message with an image thumbnail preview). Hit 'Save Upsell'.