How to Create an Upsell

Upsells enables you to offer a customer an alternative product(s) after a designated time period. This is designed to ultimately ‘upsell’ customers to a higher AOV product or bundle. 

Create your first upsell _ Blueprint

How to Create an Upsell

  1. Begin by giving your upsell a name (be sufficiently descriptive here so it can easily be found in your upsells list).
  2. Toggle a timeframe in the ‘Send after’ section of when you want the upsell message to be triggered. This is the time period from when the product was first purchased and in most circumstances is set to the timeframe when that customer is most likely to make a follow-up purchase.
  3. Set the Upsell trigger to the product(s) and subsequent variant(s) you want to trigger the automated message. You can add multiple products and variants to your list meaning that if a customer purchases one or more of these products, it will automatically trigger the upsell product (set in the next step). Please note that if a product does not have a variant added in your store, it will show as n/a.
  4. Set the Upsell product(s) and variant(s) you want to be offered to the customer. At the time designated, the customer will receive a message containing the products set here.
  5. The final step is editing the ‘Upsell message’’ to your desired response. As with all automated messages we suggest you customise with your brand tone of voice. The dynamic brackets which can be used are {first_name}, {brand_name} and {upsell-products}. The {link_to_checkout} will be replaced with one click checkout link for each customer message based on the Upsell products you’ve added. Once happy with the message, click ‘save’ to create the new upsell group.


Things to note


  • A maximum of one upsell message will be sent to a customer per order. The upsell message is selected by the priority (which can be edited by dragging and dropping). 

    Upsells Drag and Droip
  • Each unique upsell will only be sent to a customer once. Any upsells that have been sent before will be skipped.

  • When activated, Upsell messages will be sent to historic orders within the timeframes set. E.g If setting an Upsell today for '7 Days', a customer who ordered a product fitting the trigger criteria 6 days ago, would receive an upsell message tomorrow.

Other ways of using Upsells

The Upsells feature can be used in a number of ways and confined to exclusively pushing customers on to alternative products. The {link_to_checkout} could be replaced with a different call to action such as:

  • A link to a subscription portal (such as Recharge) so a customer can be transitioned from a one time purchase to a regular subscriber.

  • Ask for feedback or a question based around that specific product and you could even add a link to a review site.

  • Rather than pushing a customer on to a different a product, the same product could be offered again. This could work in the same way as the Re-order Prompt message but the time frames could be set specifically for each individual product. Please note: This would involve deactivating the re-order prompt message and setting an upsell manually for each product in your store. For more info, see this guide on Using Upsells for Repeat Orders.