Using Popups

A slick popup on site can build your SMS subscribers extremely quickly. Whether this is joining a VIP club or an offer for free shipping, they are great for building your core community of customers. Use one of our integrations (listed below) or use the Blueprint Smartlinks feature to create a URL that can be added as a clickable button (if your popup provider allows). This can be added to quickly and easily pre-populate an SMS on a mobile device, removing the friction of customers entering their number into the pop-up field.



If using Privy as your popup provider, we have an integration that allows you to draw the number added in the phone number section directly into Blueprint. To setup your integration, please follow these instructions.


If using Klaviyo for popups, please see these instructions on how to setup your integration and draw numbers into your Blueprint.


If using a Wisepops popup, you'll need to firstly request your API key (contact for this) and then follow these instructions on how to integrate so that numbers are drawn into your dashboard.