Using Upsells for Repeat Orders

Upsells can be used for more than simply upselling from one product to another, they can be used to create repeat purchases for the same product. This can be useful as:

  • The re-order timeframe can be set on individual SKU's rather than generically for all products.
  • You can create multiple re-order prompts of the same item beyond just the first purchase.

Note: This is different to the Re-order Prompts (set in the Automated Messages) which are sent after the first order only and have a generic timeframe for all products.


How to Use Upsells to Increase Repeat Orders

  1. Head to and begin by giving your repeat upsell a name. Be descriptive in the naming so it can be easily found in a long list and is specific to the trigger being set (e.g Berry Protein Re-order 1st).
  2. Toggle a timeframe in the β€˜Send after’ section of when you want the re-order message to be triggered. This is the time period from when the product was last ordered - use custom timeframes to be more specific setting to the time period where you think customers will be most open to a follow up purchase.

  3. Set the 'Upsell trigger' to the product that has to be purchased for this message to be sent. Please note that if a product does not have a variant added in your store, it will show as n/a.

  4. Set the 'Upsell products' and variant(s) to be the same as the upsell trigger

  5. Edit the β€˜Upsell message’ to your desired re-order message. As with all automated messages we suggest you customise with your brand tone of voice. The {link_to_checkout} will be replaced with a one click checkout link for each customer with the same product they ordered last time. Once happy with the message, click β€˜save’ to create the new upsell group.

  6. Important - If you would like to create repeat orders (e.g 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th orders etc...) you will need to create multiple upsells with identical rules to mimic this*. You can however edit the text for each upsell to reflect the number of repeat orders that customer has made: "We can see you really like the Berry Protein! Why not leave us a review here" 


A recurring repeat order for the Berry Protein has been set. To take this order up to 4 repeat orders, an identical upsell has been set (only the names have been changed to reflect the different messages.) After buying Berry Protein, a customer will receive a re-order text after 30 days - After repurchasing again, they will then receive another text 30 days later and so on.



*The reason for creating multiple instances of the same upsell is that a maximum of one upsell message will be sent to a customer per order. The upsell message is selected by the priority (which can be edited by dragging and dropping). By creating four identical upsells, once one upsell has been used, the next in the hierarchy will be chosen, thus enabling multiple re-ordering.