Using Upsells for Feedback and Reviews

Upsells can be used for more than simply upselling from one product to another, they can also be used for feedback or reviews. This could be useful if you would like product specific reviews sent on customised timeframes that may differ from the Post Order Check-in message.


How to Setup

  1. Head to and begin by giving your review/feedback upsell a name. Be descriptive in the naming so it can be easily found in a long list and is specific to the trigger being set (e.g Berry Protein Feedback).
  2. Toggle a timeframe in the β€˜Send after’ section of when you want the message to be triggered. This is the time period from when the product was last ordered - use custom timeframes to be more specific setting to the time period where you think customers will be most open to respond.

  3. Set the 'Upsell trigger' to the product(s) that has to be purchased for this message to be sent. Please note if a product does not have a variant added in your store, it will show as n/a.

  4. Leave the 'Upsell products' section blank.

  5. Edit the β€˜Upsell message’ to your desired feedback or review message. As with all automated messages we suggest you customise with your brand tone of voice. If requesting a public review, add in any hyperlinks to the desired review page at the very end of the message. Hit 'Save Upsell'.* Tip: When requesting reviews or feedback, add a discount code or free shipping on their next order as an incentive.


*Double check your Automated Messages and the times these messages are being sent. Avoid clashing or overlapping with any upsells running especially if using both the Post Order Check-in and upsell message for reviews.