What is the Magic Cart?

The Magic Cart is an easily accessible, login free cart that takes the friction out of reordering and creates a seamless customer experience. 

Using the Magic Cart, customers can quickly reorder their favourite items in two clicks, upgrade to or manage an existing subscription, whilst also being able to browse other products that may be of interest based on their previous orders.


Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 14.18.52

Why use the Magic Cart? / What can I do with the Magic Cart? 

  • The Magic Cart improves reorder rate and frequency and subscription conversion (thus increasing customer LTV) whilst also reducing churn.
  • No-logging in ever - the Magic Cart authenticates customers via email or SMS
  • The recommended add-on items shown in the Magic Cart are customised to every individual customer based on their previous purchase history
  • Custom branding - you can easily customise the Magic Cart by adding your brand colours and logo
  • If managing a subscription, customers can change their delivery date and frequency, as well as swap and add products to specific deliveries.
  • Dynamic new product offerings encouraging customers to try new things based on their previous orders
  • Pre-loaded Shopify checkout with customer details for 1-click ordering

How does the Magic Cart work with other tools?

The Magic Cart works effortlessly alongside our existing tools and features. 

  • The Magic Cart connects with our Klaviyo integration to send emails to customers, as well as our ReCharge and Smartrr integrations for upgrading to and managing subscriptions. 
  • If using Klaviyo to send upcoming charge emails (an email alerting customers that their subscription charge is upcoming), adding the Magic Cart will enable customers to manage their subscriptions through Relo. 
  • Likewise, adding the Magic Cart to upcoming charge emails from Recharge will enable customers to manage their subscriptions through Relo. This is preferable to using the original Recharge Portal as there is no logging in involved and therefore less friction when making changes to a subscription.
  • Personalised recommendations shown in the Magic Cart are also pulled directly from your Shopify store for the ‘you may also like’ section.