Why is the Welcome Flow not working?

There may be several reasons as to why the Welcome Flow may not be sending. Here are some of the potential reasons:

  1. Firstly, double check all the setup steps have been followed correctly. 
  2. If using an an external source such as Klaviyo or Privy, make sure these integrations are correctly setup. A successful connection will show with a green tick.

  3. If using a Klaviyo popup, double check that the correct list(s) have been added in Blueprint. The list added here should be the same one in which numbers taken through the popup are feeding into. Double check your Klaviyo popup settings and the list to which these numbers are being sent. If they do not match then no numbers will feed into Blueprint.

  4. Double check the Automation settings are correctly setup. Make sure that the 'Triggering Event' is set to New SMS subscriber and that in the 'Advanced Settings' the Triggering Event Filter is set to Has > Optin Source > Contains > External source (e.g klaviyo or privy)

  5. Make sure that the time is set to '0' to send immediately.

  6. Test to see whether this is working. Add a personal phone number into the popup on your website and wait to see if a message is received. Please note there is a delay of several minutes as the information is received from your Klaviyo database. 

If after following the steps above your Welcome Flow still does not work, please contact support@blueprint.store.